Complete Weekend Camping Trip Menu – Fun and Easy

Don’t waste time wracking your brain trying to come up with a menu of camp meals for an upcoming weekend camping trip. This weekend camp food menu is complete with easy camp recipes that are as fun to make as they are to eat. It also includes two popular must-have campfire treats that will have your campers smiling with anticipation.Designed with fun and ease of use in mind, this camp menu can be cooked with as little as just a coffee pot, frying pan, and a pot -plus a campfire of course.Friday – arrival day dinnerIt’s been a long day; packing all the camp gear, the long drive, unpacking everything and setting up camp, and now, everyone wants you to cook dinner. Let them do it themselves.
Hobo Tin-foil Hamburger Dinner: 6oz. hamburger patty, sliced onions, sliced carrots, sliced potatoes, a dollop of steak sauce, and salt & pepper to taste.
Warmed apple slices
Bread and butter
Cold beverage and coffee
Campfire treat: S’mores, hot chocolate, and good coffeeSaturday – breakfastIt’s the first full day of camping and everyone is anxious to get started with all the fun things they came camping for. It’s time for a good, but quick and easy breakfast.
Instant oatmeal and/or toasted bagels with butter or cream cheese
Fruit – an apple or orange
Juice – milk – coffee
Saturday – lunchEveryone is having so much fun -lunch is probably just a forced break because they are hungry. The perfect time for easy-to-fix sandwiches or hoagies.

Toasted cold-cut hoagie sandwich: deli meats and cheeses, lettuce-onions-tomatoes, all on a campfire toasted hoagie or Kaiser roll.
Pringles (chips), and an apple
Cold beverage and coffee
Saturday – dinnerNow everyone is ready for a good, traditional campfire meal. This entree can be cooked in a frying pan, on a campfire cooking grate, or in a tin-foil pack like the Hobo dinner.
BBQ boneless chicken breasts: How you plan to cook them determines when and how you use the BBQ sauce
Tin-foil baked potato and veggie (corn or peas warmed in their cans, or in the pot)
Dinner bread and butter
Cold beverage and coffee
Campfire treat: Chocolate Banana boat with hot chocolate and good coffee
Sunday – breakfastUsually an easy day, maybe an activity or two left to do, then get ready to pack-up. Time for a little more leisurely meal -but still easy to prepare and clean-up.
Hobo baggie Omelets: Baggies, eggs, cheese, and bacon bits -along with a pot of hot water are all you need for this fun camping breakfast
Easy fried hash-brown potatoes from the grocery frozen foods section
Juice – milk – coffee
Sunday – lunchIt’s getting to be time to pack-up the camp gear – no time for dawdling or big messes now.
Cup-o-Noodles instant noodles: just add hot water to the cup
Pringles (chips), and an apple or orange
Cold beverage
Weekend snacks
Anytime snacks: Trail mix, (Gorp), granola bars, snack-cracker packs, fruit, cookies
Evening snacks: Hot chocolate, marshmallows, cookies, bananas, popcorn
And that is your complete weekend camping trip menu. Easy shopping, preparation, and clean-up. Plus, the Hobo meal items are fun to fix, and easy on your budget.You can see a more details for this camping menu; complete with recipes, step-by-step cooking instructions, cooking and packing tips, and a completed camp food grocery list at: Weekend Camping Menu #1

Hunting Camping Supplies – The ABCs Of Supplies!

Camping is the best opportunity anyone can have for activities like, fishing, hiking, boating and hunting. You may need special camping supplies to carry on with these kinds of activities. So while planning on these activities, make sure you carry the right equipment for them. Hunting is among the most popular activities people go for outdoor camping, therefore hunting camping supplies are readily available when planning to purchase online.When you browse for online hunting camping supplies, you may come across a wide variety of hunting equipment gear with many options and choices. Anything and everything that you may need while hunting camping trip is available online and frequently at lower prices than the ones at the retail shop. Lots of discounted hunting camping supplies are also available online for purchase. Purchasing online is easy and can be done within the comforts of your home.The most important thing to do for camping is to make a list of the equipments you will be needing while camping and hunting, so that you don’t forget anything, before you departure for the trip. Make this list as soon as you decide on to hunting and camping trip, in order to have enough time to purchase additional hunting camping supplies which may be needed during the trip. After you pack everything for the trip, recheck with the list to ensure everything that is required is there. This guarantees your successful hunting and camping trip.Some of the hunting camping supplies that you may require on your trip are camouflage clothing, ammunition, binoculars ,boots, archery gear, sights, rifle, bird calls, headlamps, lanterns, flashlights and decoys. The accessories which you may require and which are also helpful while hunting, are tripods, belts, insect repellents.Game carriers,protection for hearing, holster, two way radios and GPS.There still is a big list of hunting camping supplies that you will be needing and you can buy them online which will solve your problem of hopping from one store to another,and driving from one place to other.Clothing which will be used for Hunting is among the important hunting camping supplies, mainly if you have one set of clothing for hunting; it can be used of any type of hunting. There are varieties of camouflage clothing available hunting camping supplies for men, women and children in online stores.Depending on what kind of environment you will be hunting, you will need different types of hunting clothing. Rain gear is available as well as windproof clothing, clothing for cold weather, clothing for hunting made of wool, and which is insulated. Some of the hunting clothing accessories which would keep you comfortable while hunting and camping are gloves, head gear, socks, and long underwear.

Why Summer Camp Is Great for Children

Experiencing life at summer camp is certain to offer a variety of positives for the children. Options are almost endless at the mini-camps and day camps for children. Below are several of the reasons to send the children to summer camp:Engage in physical activity – Many children spend a lot of time at home playing on the latest technology, but camp gives a perfect opportunity to get them moving and being more active. Climbing, hiking, jumping, swimming and running are certain to feature in an action packed adventure day.Increased confidence – Camp helps with building self-esteem and self-confidence by removing a lot of the social, athletic and academic competition present in normal school life. With the non-competitive and wide-ranging activities on offer, attending camp is certain to help with achieving success and becoming more confident.Develop new skills – Camps offer the proper facilities, equipment and instruction for children to improve on their adventure skills, artistic talents, and sporting abilities. Since there are such a variety of activities at summer camp, it is possible for the children to learn more about what they are able to do. A well-rounded camp is certain to offer the chance to expand a child’s abilities.Gain independence – Without guidance of a parent, camp is sure to offer the perfect time for children to start make more decisions. By taking more control of the daily activities in the safe camp environment, a child is able to benefit from this increased freedom and gain independence. Attending camp is sure to help the child develop and blossom in many directions.Make friends – Camp is certain to offer a great place to start making true friends for life. When free of the pressures and expectations of school, it is easier for the children to relax and start making friends. Camps give an option to do a range of things together, from playing, talking, laughing and singing.Social skills – Camp encourages teamwork which is certain to help with learning social skills. In a close-knit community like camp, it is necessary to respect and cooperate with each other. By sharing living quarters, chores and activities, it is possible to understand the importance of engaging in polite and respectful communication.Connect with nature – For those that mostly experience a city lifestyle, camp offers the opportunity for the child to experience the great outdoors. This can help to broaden the restricted experience of modern life that offers the same day-to-day activities. By enriching a child’s perception of nature, it is possible to support healthy development.